Application for employment

Our attorneys are dedicated to handling civil litigation cases involving discrimination and unfair labor practices against employees. Unfair or discriminatory labor practices against employees can occur in a variety of ways, including failure to hire, denial of equal pay for equal work, harassment in the workplace, inappropriate sexual jokes or touching, wrongful discharge, defamation of character, unpaid wages or overtime issues, denial of leave, and employer retaliation.

Specific Types of Employment Lawsuits:

  • Wage and Hour: overtime claims, and labor violations
  • Discrimination: sex, race, color, harassment, religion, age, national origin, and disability.
  • Harassment: sexual harassment, hostile work environment
  • Defamation of Character
  • Denial of Leave: Family Medical Leave Act, Uniformed Services Employment, and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)
  • Warn Act: abrupt layoffs and mass firings
  • Employment Agreements: employment contracts, sales commission disputes, stock options, and breach of non-compete agreements

Our Experience:

At Blau Leonard Law Group we understand that not every employment issue needs to be resolved in court. We provide various alternative services such as mediators and arbitrators.  We have decades of experience, that enables us to determine which cases need to go before a court of law and which cases need to be resolved through arbitration and mediation, for both employees and employers. We are here to represent both employees and employers that have encountered problems at work.