Steve called immediately. He carefully explained what he could do and drove to Albany Federal court and negotiated a 59K settlement for me and treated me to lunch as well! What a great guy!!

Karen R. Laurence

I highly recommend Shelly Leonard for her thoroughness and persistence with my employment case. It was against a former employer, in another state, who enjoyed taking advantage of their employees and no one had never even thought to bring a lawsuit against them. All the other employees were astounded that we won. Shelly persisted. I still rejoice in the fact that she was able to get a nice settlement from them. When you give a case to Shelly, she will see it through to the end with a greater result.

My case with Shelly Leonard was against a major retailer that had large glass entrance doors that were not clearly marked. After I had some bodily harm from the glass doors, we were able to settle in record time. I was very happy with the settlement amount. Shelly loves to fight for her clients in court. And she always wins. Give her your case and  you will be very pleased you did.

- Karen R. Laurence

Brian Egan

The Blau Leonard Law Group has represented my company for over 12 yrs. Steve and Shelly are aggressive and experienced lawyers who do not waste the clients time and money. As a business owner, I have employed lawyers when needed for over 35 yrs. I personally think 90% of lawyers are very overrated. They have a law degree, but not a lot of “street smarts”. Steve and Shelly take a”proactive” approach to practicing law, and representing their client.

Steve and Shelly are the two best attys I have dealt with over my career, and they epitomize being streetwise and 2 steps ahead of the other atty. Watching both of them depose a defendant is very reassuring that I have a”pro” representing me and my company.

I strongly endorse this law firm to other business owners and clients.

- Brian Egan
President, Corporate Trade Inc.